Chemex paper filter (for up to 6 cups)

14.90 VAT included

The white filter paper for Chemex carafe are suitable for 6-10 cups (600 – 1200 ml). FS stands for filter paper squares. The Chemex filter papers squares / angular are already pre-folded and only need to be inserted into the Chemex carafe. One package contains 100 sheets of filter paper.
The Chemex filter papers are about 20-30% heavier and slightly thicker than conventional paper filters. This may retain unwanted oils and fats. The brewed filter coffee becomes more tastefully and clearer. These special properties of Chemex paper filters ensure optimal extraction time and a resulting, delicious cup of coffee. Since only the desired aroma elements can pass through the filter, the coffee tastes particularly aromatic, clear and not bitter.

French press bialetti (for up to 6-8 cups)

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Chemex carafe with wood sleeve (for up to 6 cups)

41.90 VAT included

Chemex carafe with glass handle (for up to 6 cups)

41.90 VAT included