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The AeroPress® Coffee and Espresso Maker transforms single-serve coffee preparation. It offers fragrant lovers countless possibilities to vary the parameters that are important for coffee preparation, such as grind, water temperature, quantity ratio and brewing time, and thus compose a coffee that is ideal for personal taste.
Sure, the Aeropress is surely not the most stylish coffeemaker. But, it is one of the most ingenious inventions since coffee has been made, because it combines the advantages of different brewing methods: The coffee grounds are evenly mixed with the water as in a French Press, filtered as in a hand brew, and extracted under pressure almost as in an espresso. Operation is simple and fast – perfect for on the go – and the result is absolutely convincing. This makes the AeroPress our recommendation for preparing small amounts of coffee – for example, for breakfast.


Simply insert the filter, fill coffee and water into the AeroPress for 1-2 minutes and press the plunger down. The coffee grounds come into even contact with the water and the pressure of the press plunger allows the aroma to fully develop. The small round filter ensures that you can enjoy your coffee clear and without residue in the cup.


  • You won’t find this value for money with any other coffee maker.
  • The AeroPress is easy to use, easy to clean with its plastic housing and virtually indestructible. Ideal, therefore, for travel or in the office.
  • The taste experience is fantastic!
  • Unlike the French Press, the coffee is filtered in the AeroPress, so no coffee grounds are left in the.
  • Unlike the hand filter, the coffee grounds are mixed with all the water and therefore more evenly. Due to the short
  • brewing time, fewer bitter substances are released.
  • Scope of delivery: The AeroPress, 350 microfilters, one stirring and one dosing spoon each, funnel.

French press bialetti (for up to 6-8 cups)

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Chemex paper filter (for up to 6 cups)

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Chemex carafe with wood sleeve (for up to 6 cups)

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Chemex carafe with glass handle (for up to 6 cups)

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