Chemex carafe with glass handle (for up to 6 cups)

41.90 VAT included

Chemex carafe, Chemex coffee maker is awarded as one of the best designed objects of modern times and is in the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Coffee prepared in the Chemex carafe is characterized by an unsurpassed clear coffee aroma. Unlike, for example, in the French Press, the coffee is filtered with a paper filter. The coffee therefore has less body or volume, but an unsurpassed fine and distinct aroma.

When brewed with the Chemex carafe, the coffee is filtered through a special paper filter. The result is a coffee with slightly less volume or body, which has a particularly fine and pronounced aroma. Because Chemex filters are thicker than traditional coffee filters, the hot water takes more time to pass through the coffee and filter. The contact time of coffee and water is longer, so more flavors can be absorbed by the water.


  • Brand: Chemex
  • Material: Glass, heat resistant
  • Measurements: Diameter of the opening 13 cm x 21,6 cm height
  • Volume: 850 ml, up to 6 cups
  • Note: dishwasher safe
  • Brewer for wonderful aromatic, clear filter coffee
  • Hardly any bitterness or impurities thanks to the special Chemex filter paper
  • Particularly easy preparation, brewing and serving cup in one

French press bialetti (for up to 6-8 cups)

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Chemex paper filter (for up to 6 cups)

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Chemex carafe with wood sleeve (for up to 6 cups)

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