Sugar Free Chai


This sugar free combination of black tea made with made with sucralose, cinnamon and cardamom is perfect for preparing a typical Indian, creamy chai. With its sugar free composition, the Spice Chai is aimed at sugar conscious tea lovers who want to forego everything but an unadulterated taste. In a high-quality, the best ingredients come together to create a perfect blend of real, ground chai tea.

We recommend preparation with hot or cold milk or water, whereby the contents should be stirred vigorously. Use two to three teaspoons per cup. Ideally froth it up. The chai tea is ready to drink immediately.


Maltodextrin, coconut oil, black tea powder (7%), milk protein, emulsifier: (mono. And diglycerides of fatty acids), stabilizer (dipotassium phosphate), spice mixture, emulsifier (soy lecithin), sucralose (Splenda), natural flavors, salt.

Pour 180 ml of hot milk or water over 2 heaping tablespoons (18 g) of Orca Spice Chai.

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