Espresso – Houseblend

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Region: Mogiana (Brasil), Antioquia (Colombia), Coorg (India)
Altitude: 900-1.000m, 1800-2200m, 1150m
Variety: 70% Arabica / 30% Robusta blend
Harvest: 2020

The Espresso House Blend is made from 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta from Brazil, Colombia and India and tastes very chocolaty and nutty with little acidity and a rich crema. For this blend, we use our pulped natural coffee from the Fazenda Campestre (Bobolink project) in 2 roasting depths once lighter (more sweetness and fine fruit) once darker (chocolate, roasted notes more body) a fully washed coffee from Colombia (Hacienda El Encanto) and 30% Canephora from the Craigmore Estate which with its strength and clean characteristics ensures that we have a great crema and a full body (volume).


Fully washed

Suitable for:

Tasting notes:

nut, Chocolate, Flowers

Coffee Roasting:

Very dark roast