Coffee Nicaragua

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Region: Central America
Farm: Buenos Aires Estate
Altitude: 1.500-1.650m
Variety: Maragogype
Harvest: January- March


The very low acid content and the velvety-soft character give this type of Maragogype an elegant taste. The beans in “Superior” quality are particularly suitable for preparation in filters and French press. Thanks to our gentle roasting, the Nicaragua Maragogype, also called elephant bean, develops its harmonious and medium-strong aroma. Particularly low in acid, with a full-bodied, fine-sweet note, which is reminiscent of dark, slightly fruity apricot in taste, you will experience a taste trip to the Central American highlands with the Nicaragua Maragogype.

This exclusive cross between Arabica and Liberica beans ripens at an altitude of about 1500m on volcanic soils and is grown by hand. Also known as “elephant beans” due to their extraordinary size, they convince with their harmonious, mild character and a slightly floral note.



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