Coffee Brazil

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Region: Mogiana
Farm: Facenda Ambiental Fortaleza (Bobolink)
Altitude: 900-1.400 m
Variety: Mundo Novo Vermelho, Mundo Novo Amarello and Bourbon)
Process: Pulped wet process
Harvest: 2020

Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer and is ahead of countries like Vietnam and Colombia. In Brazil mainly Arabica beans are planted, only a small proportion of approx. 20% is accounted for by the cultivation of Robusta beans. This special Bobolink coffee comes from one of the highest coffee producing regions in Brazil and is all family farmed. As part of a network, they interchange information to achieve the highest coffee bean quality possible while taking into account the social and environmental aspects.


Pulped wet process

Suitable for:

Tasting notes:

cream, cocoa, forest-fruits

Coffee Roasting:

Dark Roast